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Q&A: Death and Dying in the Modern Age- Brandon Hartley

Q&A: Death and Dying in the Modern Age- Brandon Hartley

Brandon Hartley



How old do you want to live to be?

I think that depends on how much I'm enjoying the state that my life is in. At the moment I would say around 80. I’m sure that number will change so come back to me in a few years.

Do you have a fantasy funeral?

I don't want anything traditional. I would hope that when I die I am at a place where I can have the most extravagant party instead of the typical funeral arrangement. I want to be celebrated and not mourned. 

What scares you the most about dying?

I think what scares me most about dying is the uncertainty of what comes after.  

What would your 3 pieces of wisdom be for the those left behind?

Perspective is very important 

Communication is very important

Be everything you could want in someone else 

Open casket wake? Burial? Cremation? 

I’m not sure yet because I would hope that by the time that I die they have invented an innovative & groundbreaking way that absolves the need for a casket, cremation or burial. If the technology is not there yet then I'll play it safe and be cremated.

If cremation, where would you want your ashes spread?


Top 5 songs to play at your funeral?

I want live performers at my funeral, if that's not an option then a 4 hour pre-death mix that I prepared specifically for the occasion on loop. Bjork is on that list. As well as “You've got a woman” by Lion.

If you could live forever, would you want to?

No, I think the cons outweigh the pros. 

Where do you think you go once you die?

I think you’re in some type of limbo until its your time to move on

If there is a heaven who are 3 people you would like to hang out with? 

Joan Rivers

Do you believe in ghosts?


If reincarnation is real what do you want to come back as?

If I had the choice I’d want to come back as an octopus. My requirement for being reincarnated is that I need to be able to remember my past life.

What are three words you hope people use to describe you when you are gone?




Top 3 things that helped you through grief :

Finding new music



Best advice someone gave you on grief?

Not to believe in absolutes. It has allowed me to reframe the way I talk and reflect by realizing that things aren't always the way that they seem which in turn allows me to forgive myself and the people around me. For example, approaching a conversation with I'm so lazy compared to I wasn't feeling particularly productive today in which both have very different outcomes.