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    Sparrow is a full service, contemporary funeral home with offerings ranging from the traditional to the unique, all provided by our compassionate staff. Each person’s needs are different, so please don’t hesitate to reach out and let us know what you need. We’re here to help you 24/7. If someone has died at home please give us a call at 212-920-5422. If you don’t feel like speaking to someone right now, you can email us below and we will respond within the hour.

No Surprises

We are committed to being transparent about our pricing. Our offerings include the care and support of a Licensed Funeral Director to support you through the dying and grieving process of your choice — from the traditional to the unique.
Call us and we will help you work within a budget to create what is right for you — no surprises.

Ceremony Followed By Cremation or Burial

Celebrate your loved one in one of Sparrow’s newly renovated, light filled rooms. The spaces are easily personalized from the traditional to the unique, with the capacity to host in-person, Online and hybrid events. The celebration will be followed by a standard cremation or burial.

Solely Cremation

Sparrow’s compassionate team takes care of everything for cremation from beginning to end. Before the cremation, friends and family are encouraged to spend time with their loved one during a private farewell in one of Sparrow’s recently renovated celebration rooms.

International Shipping

Sparrow understands how important it is for someone to go home. Families can have peace of mind knowing Sparrow will handle all aspects of a respectful and timely return to any country.

Exit Party At Sparrow

An Exit Party at Sparrow allows someone with a terminal illness to celebrate with their family and friends before they die. An unforgettable way to say “farewell”.

Graveside Burial

Sparrow simplifies the process. Family and friends can gather at their loved one’s graveside to share memories and prayers in the comfort of community.

Memorial At Sparrow

An unforgettable way to say “farewell” or remember a loved one on the
anniversary of a death. Each memorial can be tailored to the individual from the traditional to the unique.