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O Death A Little Bit of Bruce is Everywhere

O Death A Little Bit of Bruce is Everywhere

This past week, another Jennifer in my life, Jennifer Herman-Feldman, my business partner in Sparrow, selected five urns from the Sparrow collection for her late husband, Bruce. Five? Yes, five.
O Death Soul Catchers

O Death Soul Catchers

O Death March 2022

It is believed the sparrow gathers the soul of the deceased and carries it to heaven. A symbol of love, spiritual connection and community, it's everything I wanted when my mom died, when my friends died, when my dad died. I didn’t have it. So here I am bringing it to you and our community, learning a whole lot about life and death along the way.

Sunlight coming through trees

A Greener Funeral

Thanks to overwhelming demand and a global reckoning with climate change, funeral homes and their providers are finally catching on and starting to offer products and services in different shades of green.

Dying at Home: Transfer

When a funeral home staff member picks up someone’s body from their place of death and brings them back to the funeral home.