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O, Death :: September 2022

O, Death :: September 2022

Hello fellow soul-catchers, welcome,

In an instant, grief can take you right back to the time when you knew someone well, to the space you hung out, to a part of yourself - perhaps one you shed, kept, or cloaked. This past month, people I knew from a different part of my life came into our care. For me, the 90s really are back and what a feeling to be able to help. 

Grief can grip you. At Sparrow, we want you to be able to hold grief. As promised, our Moving with Grief Series is here to give you the space to do so. Our offerings in partnership with Dwellness Therapy launch September 20: 

  • Grief Walks. Engage in several healing factors, including exposure to death as a part of life, by walking amongst those who have passed through the arboretum of Green-wood cemetery, Riverside Park, or Trinity Cemetery and Mausoleum. Available to individuals, families or couples. Learn more or reserve your spot.
  • Grief Support Groups. Enter a safe space to integrate the reality of the death of a loved one, to re-envision a future, and to recover or reclaim inner and outer resources. One group is Loss to Suicide, one is Loss of Family and Friends. Learn more or reserve your spot.
  • Visualizing and Embodying Grief Group. Encourage a mind-body connection as means of integrating experiences of death, loss, and mourning. This is for people suffering from loss or preparing for loss. Learn more or reserve your spot.

In the 90s, I would go to Olive’s (hopeful to run into Bowie) for half an Olive's Hero and their cowboy cookie with chocolate chips, oatmeal, and walnuts. I recently made the trek for the combo. Not new. Not old. Just so good.

With gratitude and cowboy cookies,


PS: If you are just coming to this newsletter and wondering what on earth I’m doing, view my intro newsletter here.



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