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Grief Walks

Grief Walks

Start Date: September and Ongoing          
Duration: 45 Minute Walking Sessions          
(upon inclement weather session will be virtual or rescheduled)    
In partnership with Sparrow, Dwellness will be offering Grief Walks to individuals, families or couples, throughout the arboretum of Green-wood cemetery, Riverside Park, or Trinity Cemetery and Mausoleum. Grief walks will offer the opportunity to engage in several healing factors:      
The ability to share your grief without fear of burdening others, thereby reducing loneliness and withdrawal.    
The grounding and healing impact of connecting with and witnessing nature.    
The psychological benefits of physical activity, during a time when it can be very hard to move.          
The exposure to death as a part of life, through walking amongst those who have passed.      
Cost: $25 - $90 per 45 minute walk (based on financial need).        
These Grief Walks will be facilitated by Dwellness’ Advanced Clinical Trainees.      
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Sparrow Book Club

Sparrow Book Club

January 26th

6:30 PM

Join us at Sparrow Funeral Home as we read about love, death, heartbreak, humor, and everything in between. On January 26th, we'll be discussing Empire of Wild (2020) by Cherie Dimaline.

Grief Support Group Loss to Suicide

Grief Support Group Loss to Suicide


In partnership with Dwellness Therapy, Sparrow Grief Group for those who have lost a loved one to suicide meets on Wednesdays