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O Death A Little Bit of Bruce is Everywhere

O Death A Little Bit of Bruce is Everywhere

Hello fellow soul-catchers, and welcome.

I went to my first funeral conference in Vegas. And, while I’m absolutely not writing this from a glamorous hotel drinking an ice cold Diet Pepsi after perusing caskets, or completing an Ocean’s 11 heist, if you prefer to imagine it that way, then, well, I get it. After all, I did spend the week with Jennifer Muldowney, the fabulous woman who had just interviewed me for her Glam Reaper podcast.

This past week, another Jennifer in my life, Jennifer Herman-Feldman, my business partner in Sparrow, selected five urns from the Sparrow collection for her late husband, Bruce. Five? Yes, five. Bruce passed 10 years ago from pancreatic cancer when their three boys were young. Bruce’s departure was hard and so was the funeral process (thus the reason for her commitment to Sparrow). Last week, upon filling the five with Bruce’s ashes, Jennifer phoned to say, “A little Bruce is everywhere”.  To see these works of art bring peace and joy to my dear friend reaffirms our work to find artisanal vendors - all of whom are new to the industry. I’m astounded by their creations, how they bring a fresh perspective to craft old and new. Bruce is held dearly. I invite you to check out all the artists at our shop in Greenpoint - to hold their work in your hands or view online.

Our night with Ben Wasserman had our full house laughing through our tears at his performance Live After Death. What a night. And for those who are grieving, our Grief Groups are available and provide a place of comfort. The Grief Support Group, led by Sonya Farrell, LMSW, is on Monday, April 4 (and every first Monday following) and our next Group Drumming to Relieve Grief is on the following night, April 5.  And, on April 13,  Death, Dying & Dessert returns and all are welcome.

In need of a good story about love, family, and loss? In five minutes, Negative Space will take you into a father and son relationship formed around the life lesson of how to pack - even after the last breath. 

With great warmth,