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Q&A: Death and Dying in the Modern Age- Theron Long

Q&A: Death and Dying in the Modern Age- Theron Long

Theron Long




Multidisciplinary Creative Director



How old do you want to live to be?


Do you have a fantasy funeral?

I want my funeral to be as jubilant as my wedding. I want lots of dancing, laughter and memorable toasts.

What scares you the most about dying?

Creating financial or asset management hardships for my family.

What would your 3 pieces of wisdom be for the those left behind?

Give freely to everyone if you want your life to be rich.

All human suffering starts with a resistance to the situation.

Never turn down the opportunity to do nothing.

If you had a destination funeral where would it be?

New York City

Open casket wake? Burial? Cremation?


If cremation, where would you want your ashes spread?

I would like them spread between the Catskills and the Atlantic Ocean.

Top 5 songs to play at your funeral?

“I’ll be Around” - The Spinners

“Rise Up” - Andra Day

“Express Yourself” - Madonna

“Whenever I call you “Friend” - Kenny Loggins ft. Stevie Nicks

“I Will Always Love You” - Whitney Houston

If you could live forever, would you want to?


Where do you think you go once you die?

I hope to remain in the hearts & minds of those I love.

If there is a heaven who are 3 people you would like to hang out with?

Oscar Wilde


Dolly Parton

Do you believe in ghosts?



If reincarnation is real what do you want to come back as?

A teacher

What are three words you hope people use to describe you when you are gone?

Discerning, Charitable, Entertaining

Biggest regret in life?

I didn’t learn to love myself sooner.

Top 3 things that helped you through grief?

Revisit the joyous moments often. Talk to the person regularly after they're gone. Do something in their honor.

Best advice someone gave to you?

Allow yourself to sit in grief. Do not resist the emotions you are feeling.

Did meditation, friends, food help you the most?

Friends & meditation helped immensely.

How was navigating the funeral home system and what’s your advice?

Don’t do it by yourself. It’s important to have someone else there to interpret what is happening and help navigate decisions.

If you were to give someone 1 piece of advice on grief what would it be?

Don’t cry because it is over, smile because it happened. (Dr. Seuss)