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The Glam Reaper - Should Planning Your Own Funeral Be Scary or Fun

They say that you can't always get what we want in life but what’s worse is, we can’t get what we want after life, as well.  How many funerals have you been at where you have questioned the lack of ‘personality of the deceased’ in the service? It is a serious thing. And a serious problem in the funeral business. 

So should you be spending time planning your funeral now, even at an early age? 

Jennifer, the Glam Reaper had an enlightening conversation with Erica Hill about how she created Sparrow, a contemporary funeral home in Brooklyn. 

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Sunlight coming through trees

A greener funeral

While many of us have been recycling for years, the funeral industry has been dragging its feet. Thanks to overwhelming demand and a global reckoning with climate change, funeral homes and their providers are finally catching on and starting to offer products and services in different shades of green.

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The Sparrow Ethos

With an emphasis on meaningful remembrance and true celebration, at Sparrow our goal is to help you plan and execute a significant experience at the end of life and after death, for yourself or your loved one, while still taking care of the traditional services of a funeral home from death certificates to burial.