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NBC News - Last exit in Brooklyn: Funeral home looks to modernize the death care industry

"There’s a spot in Brooklyn where you can attend your own funeral.

Called an “exit party,” it’s just one of the personalized final farewells that Sparrow, which bills itself as a “contemporary funeral home,” offers its customers. There have been none so far.

“Basically, it’s a place where folks can gather to celebrate the life of somebody with a terminal illness,” Lily Sage Weinrieb, Sparrow’s funeral director, said. “It gives the person who is dying the chance to say goodbye before they pass on. And it gives the people who have come to say goodbye a way of doing so in a way that hopefully makes everybody feel comfortable.”

It is also yet another example of the shift in the way Americans mourn and think of funerals — a process that industry experts say has taken on a new urgency in the age of Covid-19."

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Sunlight coming through trees

A greener funeral

While many of us have been recycling for years, the funeral industry has been dragging its feet. Thanks to overwhelming demand and a global reckoning with climate change, funeral homes and their providers are finally catching on and starting to offer products and services in different shades of green.

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The Sparrow Ethos

With an emphasis on meaningful remembrance and true celebration, at Sparrow our goal is to help you plan and execute a significant experience at the end of life and after death, for yourself or your loved one, while still taking care of the traditional services of a funeral home from death certificates to burial.