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HGTV - Design Trend-Spotting in NYC

Vanguard New Businesses

A woman-owned disruptor in the industry, Erica Hill's Sparrow is a contemporary funeral home with a wellness shop featuring candles, cards, throws and other items Hill calls "comforting goods," as well as beautifully designed handmade urns created by artists. "If someone is grieving, what's a gift that you would want to give them that would feel thoughtful and that they would enjoy — maybe help brighten their day a little bit?" says Hill of the kind of merchandise she likes to curate for her Greenpoint, Brooklyn shop. Sparrow is just one part of Hill's funeral parlor for the 21st century, which features a wellness-centric approach, intentional design with locally made artwork on display, lots of light and soothing pastels and soft florals and a more thoughtful approach to offering comfort. Sparrow is the result of Hill's own early experience with loss and attending funerals for friends where she says, "Whatever I had just experienced didn't at all feel like something my friends would have liked. And the spaces we were in would be very depressing." For Hill, Sparrow is an extension of the wellness trend but at a deeper level. "I think we're working towards [thinking] about how do we continue to care for ourselves and others when loss happens?"

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Sunlight coming through trees

A greener funeral

While many of us have been recycling for years, the funeral industry has been dragging its feet. Thanks to overwhelming demand and a global reckoning with climate change, funeral homes and their providers are finally catching on and starting to offer products and services in different shades of green.

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The Sparrow Ethos

With an emphasis on meaningful remembrance and true celebration, at Sparrow our goal is to help you plan and execute a significant experience at the end of life and after death, for yourself or your loved one, while still taking care of the traditional services of a funeral home from death certificates to burial.