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Letters from Motherless Daughters


Letters From Motherless Daughters: Words of Courage, Grief, and Healing by Hope Edelman

After a mother's death, a daughter embarks on a personal journey of grief and healing. Hope Edelman shared her journey in Motherless Daughters; afterward, she received letters from motherless women all over the world who felt compelled to share their own stories of mother loss. Comforted by the shared experiences that appeared in the book, they wanted to hear more from women like them. Letters from Motherless Daughters was created to fulfill that request, and now, in this updated edition, Hope compiles letters received over the two decades since the publication of her New York Times bestseller.

In their own voices, these daughters--ranging in age from thirteen to seventy-eight--share their journeys of mourning and regeneration. Beginning with the initial period of adjustment and acceptance, covering the first years after a mother's death, and describing lives shaped by loss more than twenty years later, these letters reflect the challenges and triumphs motherless girls and women face over time. The words of these brave women illustrate the profound pain, astounding strength, and personal growth inherent in living through the loss of a mother--without ever outliving the need for her.

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