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Chris Dingman Journeys Vol.2


“enter” is the album’s centerpiece, excerpted from a much longer improvisation for which it became the emotional core. Untethered from the exploration that led there, “enter” feels, as Dingman says, “like a sacred space where everything cleared away very quickly and the music was left floating free.” It’s easy to get lost within the piece, which feels achingly private, intimate, and fragile, though it builds to a cathartic and crystalline beauty. The piece also provides the raw material for “return,” which ends the album as vol. 1 did with a sampled and processed reimagining, constructed solely from the sounds of the vibes without any added synths or electronics.

A journey may not always have a destination, and with this second volume of his own journeys Chris Dingman reveals that there are nearly infinite places to explore, outwardly and inwardly.

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