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Carved Handle Spalted Maple Urn 2


Truly a one of a kind piece created with care and intent by Wyatt Speight Rhue for Sparrow


  • Height 16"
  • Diameter 4-5"


When we asked artisan and furniture maker, Wyatt Speight Rhue how he crafted his Urns, he replied:   

"Turning on the lathe is one of the most enjoyable tasks that I perform. It is a daily meditation that allows me to step away from the normal stresses of building a piece of furniture.  By introducing carving to the process I am able to treat what may feel like a production piece into a truly one of a kind object.  I start with the piece of wood which I source from local tree services. The smaller size of the canisters allows me to be more selective concentrating on unique color and grain.  The wood is often still quite wet when I initially rough turn the shape. Each canister is then set aside to dry for a year or more. I then re-turn the canister on the lathe and shape the lid."


Care: Dust with damp towel. Apply furniture polish such as Howard's Feed n Wax a few times a year.



4" x 16"


United States



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