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Alabaster Vase

Narrow Vase - $72
Take your blooms from basic to brilliant with this intriguing white alabaster vase. Each hand-carved stone vessel features a polished finish that emphasizes the natural banding in the raw material. Because each piece is expertly carved from solid alabaster, vases are watertight and no two are exactly alike. Size: 3” x 7 1/2”. 56.25 cu in. Made in India
Tall Vase - $210
A smooth column of milky white alabaster provides a stylish, organic way to present long stems. This sculpted creation is stunning on its own, with hints of cream and tan found throughout. Use this vase singly as a floral focal point, or group with our narrow vase. Hurricane and votives for a stunning natural tablescape. Size: 5” x 10”. 300 cu in. Made in India. 
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