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Phyllis Mae Morgan

Phyllis Mae Morgan

In Remembrance
February 10, 1926 - November 22, 2023

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Phyllis Mae Morgan died November 22, 2023 at the age of ninety-seven at New York Presbyterian Hospital in Brooklyn after a short illness. 

 Born in Brooklyn in 1926, with her formative years spent in Jamaica,  West Indies, Phyllis was an empathetic, gracious, at times stubborn, but always dignified, mother, sister and daughter.  

 Her world revolved around her family, her friends, her animals and her plants.  Up until the end, you could find Phyllis walking up the stairs of her home to keep her plants watered and thriving.  Her granddaughter Ciara lived with her for the last four years of her life and helped ensure those treks up the stairs were done safely.

 As fastidious as she was about her plants, she was also that way about keeping her sidewalks free of snow in the winter.  She would not only shovel in front of her home, but also the neighbors, saying she didn’t want someone slipping in front of their house and falling in front of hers and suing her. Not to be out shoveled by an elderly woman, the motto around the neighborhood was ‘we better get out and shovel before Phyllis does it for us’.

 Phyllis was a working woman and while at lunch one day, from her job in the Garment District, she saw a Help Wanted ad to run the new computer room at Gimbel’s Department Store.  She walked right over to apply for the job.  When she was asked what she knew about just purchased 20x20 computers, that took up the whole room, Phyllis replied ‘everything’.  She got the job on the spot and was asked to start the next day. On that first day, after meeting the staff, she was ingenious enough to call the 1-800 help number requesting they send someone over to help.  When the two men arrived a tip managed to get the two men who showed up to teach her everything there was to know about those computers. Phyllis ran the computer room until Gimbel’s closed in 1986.  

 Discussions about life, life’s problems and current social events were always taking place in Phyllis’ home. At home she also kept a sewing machine in her room and would sew wedding and bridesmaids dresses for friends, friend of friends and people in the neighborhood.  She loved the work and loved seeing her friends and neighbors delight in their garments. 

 Joining her church, the Old First Reform Church in Brooklyn in 1963, Phyllis was the longest running member of the church. And, at 97 years old, was also the oldest member.  Phyllis was a devoted parishioner who found solace in the community that church provided. 

 Phyllis is predeceased by her parents, Joseph and Clara Clarke, her sister Camella Vaz and her son Patrick Allen. 

 With a life well lived, Phyllis leaves behind her son Wayne (Maribeth) of Fayetteville, NY, her grandson, Shayne Morgan,of Fayetteville, NY, granddaughters Ciara Morgan of Brooklyn, NY & Jerusha (Derrek) Thomas of Syracuse, NY,   great Grandchildren Liana, Garrett, Gia and Alane Thomas, her Goddaughter Denise Simmons, Godson Alan Jones and Cousin Moncrieff “Monte” Fisher. 

 Phyllis will be greatly missed by her family, friends and all the neighbors she cherished. (Who will also miss the 30-40 fruitcakes she baked every Christmas and handed out to friends and neighbors)

 In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to the ASPCA or the American Cancer Society


Thank you to the Morgan family...

Thank you to the Morgan family for sharing photos and stories from Phyllis’ life here and at the beautiful and generous memorial service. I left earlier than I wanted to. I remember laughing with Phyllis after coffee hour at Old First over my young childrens’ antics, and later how to manage their teenage years. I was grateful that she found humor in all of it. I am truly sad that I did not get to know her better. I pray that those who visited Old First with her will come again so that we can share in mourning her. She will be missed.

From Anita R Keire,

You will be miss Phyllis, rest...

You will be miss Phyllis, rest well!
Kim & Randall
Hampton, Va

From Kim / Randall Johnson,

I so enjoyed reading the story...

I so enjoyed reading the story of Phyllis’s beautiful life. The energy and the desire to love family, neighbors, friends and her pets did not surprise me as I have witnessed her close family share the same love and admiration as Phyllis. I did not know that we shared common ground in the Reformed Church. I have shared with Ciara that she gave her grandmother the most wonderful gift, not only living with her, but being with her til her grandmother took her last breath.

From Marcia Benna,

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