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Bradley Owen Jordan

Bradley Owen Jordan

In Remembrance
April 30, 1962 - June 4, 2022


Bradley Jordan, 60, passed away at his home in Brooklyn, NY in May 2022. He is survived by his beloved son Nico Jordan who shares Bradley’s brains, creativity, and love of film. Bradley is also survived by his brother Michael Jordan, sister Carol Jordan, sister-in-law Barbara Rosario, and nephews Julian and Emil Jordan. In addition to his close family, Bradley spent his life surrounded by close friends in Kansas, New York, and around the world whom he always thought of as family.
Bradley received a bachelor's degree from the University of Kansas and a doctoral degree in Comparative Literature from the elite University of Pennsylvania. While at Penn, he was chosen to provide several translations for an anthology of 20th century poetry from the original Russian to English. Out of college, he taught at the college level. After leaving college teaching, Bradley spent over two decades as a teacher in the New York Public School System. For several years, he ran the NYC GED Program. His particular love was teaching students from other countries for whom English is a second language.
Bradley was an avid traveler who lived the life of locals. He was as at-home strolling on the Nevsky Prospekt as he was dining in a restaurant in Croatia, holding forth in a cafe in Bordeaux, or feeding a jukebox in a dive bar in Mulvane. He loved escorting his mother to countries abroad, something she loved even more because it gave her cherished time with him. Bradley spoke multiple languages.
After retiring from teaching, Bradley turned to one of his great loves, that of writing. In 2021, he finished his first major novel and was working on a second at the passionate urging of his nephew Julian. Bradley was also a lover of music (Elvis Costello, who he bragged about having once spilled a drink on). He had about two dozen songs which he called his favorite, each of which he could talk about more passionately than the last. He was a lover of sports, winning the Kansas state junior championship in golf as a teen. Bradley ran multiple marathons in the U.S. (including NYC and Boston) and Spain, and he never missed a University of Kansas basketball game. He loved Texas A&M college football, but only to indulge his mother and sister. From his childhood he maintained a rather inexplicable love of the St. Louis Cardinals and the Los Angeles Rams.
His clever remarks on anything that piqued his interest, from a St Louis Cardinals game to the writings of Dostoyevsky, will be missed by everyone who knew them well.





I thank you for your...

I thank you for your passion, your intensity, your prowess with words, your love and the shirt off your back. When you spoke, you looked keenly into the other’s eyes. When you joyed, you joyed into all whom surrounded you. I will cry at times, then smile and laugh – I will forever feast on the happiness you shared.

From Ronnie

I met Brad in New York...

I met Brad in New York in 1996 at a Freedy Johnston show. People were yelling out requests, and I said to a man I thought was a random fan, “I’ll give you five bucks if you yell out ‘California Thing,’” and he said “I’ll do that for free.”
That was Brad. He was my sometimes boyfriend, always my friend, a person I loved for 26 years. He was a fixture of New York for me. I will miss him terribly.

From Jennifer Paddock

He always like to called me...

He always like to called me He Tai Tai. I’m one of his favorite student and good friend of all these years since we met back in 2011. He helped a girl who just came to the United States, who doesn’t even know how to ask where is the restroom in English till now that I graduated from GED and graduated from college. He always like to have a drink with me, and we will acted like we’re crazy. He’s my favorite teacher and my mentor of all these years and for the rest of my life. Thank you so so much for all the great things you’ve done for me Jordan! May you Rest In Peace!

From Kingsley He

Dr. J,
A toast: To Brad,...

Dr. J,
A toast: To Brad, with whom I daily shared a classroom and made memories for more than a handful of years.
Man, I miss you; your presence in my life had the effect of widening my emotional bandwidth. I miss you, man!
Your friend and co-teacher at Pathways to Graduation@Bedford-Stuyvesant Education Complex, aka Marcy, in Brooklyn, New York.

From Mr. K (Gary S Keblish)

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