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A Walk Through the Forest of Souls-Rachel Pollack

In over 350 illustrations, Rachel Pollack presents samples of cards ranging from the 15th-century Sforza to contemporary decks. Taking advantage of the tarot’s most distinctive feature—its artistry—this book creates a breathtaking overview as we walk with Pollack through the landscape of tarot. In words and images we’re shown how to explore unknown territory—in ourselves and in the world outside us, and in the sacred mysteries and riddles of existence. Using symbols and myths to illuminate the hidden mysteries and spiritual truths of the tarot, Rachel Pollack explores the connections and relationships between tarot and such wide-ranging subjects as mythology, mythography, folklore, Kabbalah, divination, quantum physics, time travel, and more. This book is a dazzling journey through the mysteries of tarot—suitable for tarot masters, but accessible to newcomers, too.
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